Thursday, March 24, 2016

As We Shift - Words from a Council of Elders

There are two conversations shared below.  In this first one, I was woken up at 3AM. This took place on March 12, 2016.

In the second, I asked a question.  This took place on March 22nd, 2016 (10 days later).  I feel these words are intended for a wider audience, hence this post.

There are, as has been said by many others, pointers along the way, sort of like road signs, reminding us where we are headed and how far we have come and have still to go.  It seems that these conversations may be viewed as such.

On March 12, at 3AM I was woken up.

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is Sophia, yes.

“Go ahead then.”

We have something to say that we believe will be of assistance to you and to your readers in these times of change.

It is of most importance that we do so now as these changes are upon you.

They are fast approaching your “now” as more and more humans wake up.

An interesting “trigger event” is the presidential election in your country called USA.  It is seen as a catalyst and marker for change, massive upheaval.  There are no candidates viewed as worthy of the term “presidential”.  This farce is recognized by both/all sides of reasonable people.

“Is this what you wanted to say?”


“Is there more?”

Not at this time, no.

“Okay then, thank you.”

You’re very welcome Sophia.

This conversation ended. (Note: These words are not my personal opinions, ;-)

The following question was asked on March 22, 2016. The question refers to this letter /document (click here), which reminds me of this movie (click here).

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There could be.  We sense a question.

Yes.  There has been a document released – I was shown this document.  It supposedly is authored by the “Royals” and amongst other things, foretells of “severe space weather” approaching the earth.  This was posted yesterday (3/21/16) and I’d like some comments on this if possible, from whoever is able to offer more information.

Yes, we see that more information will be helpful. We can tell you what is seen and known from this perspective here.

Thank you.  Please tell us who you are?

I am a part of the Council of Elders.  We’ve observed the dynamic relationship earth humans have with so many factions and races.  It is a complicated, extremely active picture you paint.  We, with such an expanded view, find it challenging to appreciate which specific knowledge you hold when we talk to you – so many stories!

We can only imagine how confusing and disconcerting this must be for the human.

Yes, it can be.

We will attempt clarity as we answer this question.  What is seen is a force of energy which is radiating from Source itself.  This will be experienced by every human and does not matter what name you give it or expectation you have for it – it will be felt and once felt, known to be an alteration of life itself.  You will know this.  It may be that you will even see this and subsequent reports will foretell of the end of days.

To be clear – this is not the end of days. (Italics mine, Sophia)

The announcing document that alerted you to this springs from a group heavily invested in protection of its physical assets and the control required to do so.  They are not certain such control will be possible after this event and are lining up their “ducks in a row” as it were.  Things/illusions and the “gamers of creation” that helped place them there are about to unravel and quickly so.

We do not see humanity negatively impacted by this “severe space weather” event – but the opposite.  Be clear however that change of massive proportions will cause upheaval to physical systems and the planets that support them.  All energy has a force – this incoming force is looking like a huge ocean wave off in the distance and it grows.

You know that there is no escaping this shift.

What you don’t know is what precisely is shifting.  As it looks from our vantage point – this wave of love/energy/power/life essence will wash over humanity.

Those solidly rooted will bask in its effect.  Those without roots will be tossed around.  What is not clear is whether or not this wave is the shift, initiates the shift or neither.  It was and still is meant to be a surprise.

The horizon can be deceiving.  Things close look very far and things very far appear close.  For this reason we cannot give you a precise “date” or “time” for its arrival.

Rest assured you and those of your “ilk” stand on solid ground and will enjoy very much what is on its way to you.

Is that all?

We feel that we’ve answered the question, yes.

Okay, thank you.

The conversation ended.

With so much love,

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If Cacti is Plural for Cactus, Is Jesi Plural for Jesus?

Well it's started. The Jesus impersonators.  

There will be many. A bit like Elvis that way.

Many were planted long before the in-vitro versions I wrote about in a prior post.

One wrote me yesterday.  Interesting energy... 

Let me be clear. There will be no savior scripts in play. Those plans have been canceled as they do not free humanity to be I AM.

You are not less than Source/I AM. You BE that. It's just the knowing and the experiencing that has yet to happen. 

Awareness can come in a moment as anyone who has had an NDE can tell you. Does not take centuries of karma.

You won't need centuries of Saviors/Ascended Masters/Celestials to know who you be. That only reinforces the control systems and spiritual hierarchy which has been feeding on your energies for a long enough!  Ever wonder why it is the Vatican is always involved in every discussion of a financial reset?

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