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Noctilucent Clouds, a Doughnut of Light over Denver, UFO Shaped Cloud over Mt. Tom California

What's up in space

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GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A moderate (G2-class) geomagnetic storm is underway on June 14th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially in the southern hemisphere where darkening autumn skies favor visibility of faint lights. Aurora alerts: text or voice

NOCTILUCENT OUTBURST: Yesterday, June 13th, observers in more than half a dozen European countries witnessed a brilliant apparition of noctilucent clouds. Ruslan Merzlyakov sends this picture from Nykøbing Mors, Denmark:

"Their brightness peaked from 00:50 to 1:20 and then, suddenly, they were almost gone," says Merzlyakov, who recorded a video of the display.

Noctilucent clouds are a space weather phenomenon. They are seeded by meteoroids and hover 83 km above Earth's surface at the threshold of space. Summer is the season for NLCs because, ironically, that is when the upper atmosphere is cold enough for ice crystals to form around meteoroids in the mesosphere.

Noctilucent clouds were first reported by Europeans in the late 1800s. In those days, you had to travel to latitudes well above 50o to see them. Now, however, NLCs are spreading. In recent years they have been sighted as far south as Colorado and Utah in the United States. Many researchers suspect this is a side-effect of climate change.

Observing tips: Look west 30 to 60 minutes after sunset when the Sun has dipped 6o to 16o below the horizon (diagram). If you see blue-white tendrils spreading across the sky, you may have spotted a noctilucent cloud.

Realtime Noctilucent Cloud Photo Gallery

DONUT OF LIGHT OVER COLORADO: On June 8th, high above a thunderstorm in Colorado, an enormous ring of light appeared near the edge of space. Amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft photographed the 'donut' using a low-light video camera.  [AK note: doughnuts/toroids form in nature around energy transfers, see Marko Rodin's work]

"It only lasted about a millisecond," says Ashcraft, "but it was definitely there. The ring was about 300 km wide," he estimates.

This is an example of an ELVE (Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources). First seen by cameras on the space shuttle in 1990, ELVEs appear when a pulse of electromagnetic radiation from lightning propagates up toward space and hits the base of Earth's ionosphere. A faint ring of light marks the broad 'spot' where the EMP hits.

ELVES often appear alongside red sprites. Indeed, Ashcraft's camera caught a cluster of sprites leaping straight up through the middle of the donut. "Play the complete video to see the sprites," says Ashcraft.

ELVEs are elusive--and that's an understatement. Blinking in and out of existance in only 1/1000th of a second, they are completely invisible to the human eye. For comparison, red sprites tend to last for hundredths of a second and regular lightning can scintillate for a second or more. Their brevity explains why ELVEs are a more recent discovery than other lightning-related phenomenon.

Learn more about the history and physics of ELVEs here and here.

Realtime Sprite Photo Gallery

UFO-SHAPED CLOUDS: On the evening of June 9th, a spectacular array of UFO-shaped clouds appeared above California's Eastern Sierra mountain range. The display was a sensation on social media as people in nearby valleys began posting pictures of the sunset-colored armada. One photographer, unlike the others, was in the mountains; ultrarunner Jeff Kozak of Bishop CA captured this edge-on view from 11,100 feet:

"I was topping out on Morgan Pass at sunset when I looked south to see what I thought was The Mothership hovering over Mt Tom!" says Kozak.

In fact, it was a lenticular cloud. Lenticular clouds form downwind of mountain ranges where the air organizes itself into starship-sized waves. Although they appear stationary, moist air is constantly moving through them, condensing at the apex of the wave. Wind sculpts the clouds into giant saucers and voilà--spaceships in the sky.

GIZMODO: Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use
Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use

Michael Irving June 15, 2016

Cooltech has announced the first publicly available refrigerator using a magnetic cooling system, which is more efficient than standard fridges. View gallery (2 images)

The days of the rackety, energy-gobbling refrigerator may be numbered with the advent of more efficient systems that cool with the use of magnets. The idea has been around almost as long as your standard gas-compression fridge, but it hasn't yet been viable for the household and commercial markets. Now, Cooltech Applications has launched the first magnetic refrigeration system (MRS) for commercial use.

The system is based on the magnetocaloric effect, which states that the temperature of a material can be changed by exposing it to a magnetic field. As magnetocaloric materials in the system are put through a cycle of magnetization and demagnetization, a water coolant is pumped through them, transferring the heat from the interior of the fridge to the outside air.

The basic structure of the system sounds similar to that of conventional refrigerators, which use chemical refrigerants and a compressor to keep your milk from spoiling. But that system comes at a high cost: even with recent advances in energy efficiency, they still guzzle a lot of electricity, and are running 24 hours a day. Not to mention they can be quite loud, and the gases used pose an environmental hazard.

According to Cooltech, the lack of a gas compression system means the MRS consumes only half the energy of a standard fridge, produces less noise and vibration, and requires less maintenance. And being known pollutants, these refrigerant gases are under constant scrutiny by environmental agencies and regulations, so from a commercial point of view, it makes sense to avoid the whole issue. Magnetic emissions are a potential concern, but the levels surrounding its devices are reportedly far lower than even an individual magnet you'd stick on the fridge.

The idea of magnetic cooling itself isn't entirely new, but this is the first time the technology has become available to the public. Previous machines were too big for common use, and nowhere near as effective as conventional refrigerators. GE managed to shrink the system down a few years ago, and was able to reduce the temperature of a fluid by 80° F (a total of 44.4° C) by having it pass by magnets arranged into 50 different cooling stages, but this prototype was still complex and bulky.

Cooltech's first commercial system, the MRS400, boasts 400 W of cooling power, keeping the internal temperature between 35.6° F and 41° F (2° C and 5° C), which is within the recommended levels for safe food storage. Its first applications will be in the commercial sector, for use in refrigerated retail display cases, wine cellars, and medical facilities. It's currently being beta-tested in three locations, using various configurations. Larger industrial systems, capable of 20 KW of cooling power, are also in development.

Source: Cooltech Applications

NASA Reveals Magnetic Portals Exist

Thoughts are electrical; emotions are magnetic ..

Much is made of the electrical nature of the brain, chemistry, weather and even solar-planetary interactions, but precious little is known about magnetics.  In my conversations with the SA they mentioned that gravity is caused by magnetics, not the mass of the planet.  I also remember reading an early article about military ARVs (reverse engineered UFOs) and a general telling someone "its all magnetics".   GW Hardin and I had a conversation over a year ago about the magnetic nature of the universe, I said to him that I thought it was all backwards, the electrical is a by product of magnetics, as in how a magnet can induce a current in a coil of copper wire.  He agreed with me but that is not currently the way most scientists look at the physics of the Universe. -AK

Karen wrote: 

Thoughts are electrical; emotions are magnetic ..

.. or so Jim Self (of Mastering Alchemy) has been saying for many years. So it would seem your suspicions about emotions and magnetics are true!

Jane Robert’s Seth has said that emotions are the catalyst for creation - add emotion to the thoughts and things manifest more quickly (either positively or negatively)

You may already know all that, just pointing it out in case you weren’t aware. =D

Loved your comment to “smile and be gracious”. I see the effects you talked about all around me, but I’m not personally experiencing it in waking reality (please note that as a hyper-sensitive empath my emotions have always been off the chart). Been experiencing similar in my dreams though .. waking up at different times throughout the night in a state of annoyance, something I’ve never experienced from dreaming before. I simply shift myself back to more pleasant feelings, something I do regularly now because I prefer pleasant feelings!! :p

Have you seen this article? “Mind Blowing Information About the Actual Energies on the Planet"

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’ve never seen anything from the author, Amon Raea, previously but was intrigued about the subject matter and the “Espavo” posted at the end. Espavo is a term Steve Rother and the group have used for many years, a Lemurian greeting meaning, in essence, “thank you for taking your power”.

Thanks .. and enjoy the ride! Sure do appreciate you and all you do!

~ k

AK NOTE: Much of this article below resonates. However the grids were reprogrammed in 2013 so the so called "sacred sites" were taken off line and rendered null.  Mountain peaks, like Mount Blanc, the Atlas, Shasta, Mt Pilot, and otehrs were used to dump negative energy by the bankers but that ceased with the Nepal Earthquake and avalanche on Everest.  Some portals do remain in some of the old locations.  Also we now know the theory of "ascension" as coming from the Galactic Central Sun and photonic belt to be a deliberate misdirection so the controllers would incorrectly focus on that, rather than where the energy is really coming through from through each being's magnetic heart...  They've chem-trailed the earth very heavily because of that belief... I post the article unaltered.

The Magnetics of Emotion

By American Kabuki

Its been quite the week.   You know I used to think human emotions were chemical in nature, but perhaps that's just era I grew up when every chemical that could be imagined was made by the likes of Dow and Dupont.  Dupont used to have an ad slogan, "Better living through chemistry" which adopted by 60's and 70's hippies as a kind of slogan for every color of pill they'd take as they used their bodies as a pharmaceutical playground.   In the steam age emotions were steam, "he blew his top".... "boy was she boiling!"... metaphors that somehow grip the times they were created in, and continue long after that fad of science or engineering has long gone.  Our language is full of them.

I don't think emotions are chemical at all.  I think they are magnetic.

Andreas and Thor of the SA warned there were huge magnetic changes taking place.  The concern was navigation and electrical anomalies.  Yesterday I went to Cedar Park just outside of Austin.  I thought I'd renew my Costco membership card, expired three years ago.  Its about a 30 mile drive from here.  Right as I was about to get out of the car I got a phone call from an unknown number, they didn't say anything.  Sheesh!  I got to the door and the man who checks the card says "You can't come in here!"  I said "What? Why not?".  "We've got no power ...electricity is out! Its a security measure."  They were clearing the story.  Seemed like the entire city of Cedar Park had no electricity, and it was a really hot muggy day.  Cops at each intersection directing traffic and non working traffic lights.

GAIA PORTAL: Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics

Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics
by ÉirePort

Levels of Ascendance encompass the Gaia energetics.

Fortitudes of individuals create from the depths.

Flashes of montanas are viewed.

Altered states are abandoned.

Streams of fluency come to the fore.

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